A brief overview of my journey to this point

A native Southern Californian, Colleen Adair Fliedner is a multi-published author, journalist, and travel writer.  She has had three nonfiction books published: A work-for-hire book for Los Angeles County; Stories in Stone (Park City, Utah); and Quick Escapes From Orange County for Globe Pequot Press.  Colleen’s background covers a wide range of writing experience, including an optioned screenplay; radio scripts and interviews; radio advertising scripts for large local commercial company; magazine and newspaper articles; travel articles and Blogs for the Orange County Register newspaper; plays; radio and television advertisements; a cable TV mini-series; and over 100 travel articles.  

Writing credits include:  Westways (AAA), Native Peoples, BajaTRAVELER, France Today, Northwest Airlines inflight magazine, Home and Away (Midwest Auto Club), So. California Meetings & Events, and M. D. News Magazine.  Online magazine credits include: Vacation Travel Channel (regular contributor), OffBeat Travel, and Travel World International Magazine.  She has also the ghostwritten numerous articles and e-books for an internationally renowned psychologist. Colleen was a regular contributor to Talking Travel Radio Network, a travel radio show based in Florida. 


New Novel :


In the Shadow of War; Spies, Love & the Lusitania.  A historical novel set against the backdrop of WW I, the story opens in Manhattan in 1915 with the attempted bombing of St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Josette Rogers, a 20-year-old college student is a fervent Suffragette and aspires to become a social worker.  She meets Curtis Carlson, a former economics professor at Harvard who now works for J. P. Morgan, Jr., at a  Columbia University debate.  Curtis secretly represents The House of Morgan's pro-war position.  Josette attends with her anti-war girlfriends, protesting during his speech.  A fight breaks out in the audience, and Josette winds up being arrested, along with many of the male college students.  Feeling bad that Josette was caught in the middle of the violence, Curtis has the charges against her dropped.  They eventually meet again on the ill-fated luxury liner, RMS Lusitania, which is torpedoed by a German submarine.  Sinking in a mere 18 minutes, nearly 2,000 men, women and children die.  Who will live and who will die?


In the Shadow of War is packed with twists and turns; true historical events; lots of action; German spies; and, of course, a love story.  The novel is finished and has been published by Sand Hill Review Press.  The book was released in November 2018.  It is available on Amazon in hard cover and paperback, as well as Kindle.  It is also available at most bookstores.  


A sequel to  In the Shadow of War ( to be named later ) will pick up where the first book left off and continues to 1918, the end of the Great War.   


Colleen has three children and lives with her husband, Rick, and two adorable Pomeranians in Orange, California.  She loves to sail, travel, explore, do historical research...and write. 


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